About Us

Who We Are


Founded over 20 years ago by Abbie Miller, Miller Stables is one of the premier equine boarding facilities in northern Iowa.

Miller Stables is situated between Cedar Falls and Hudson Iowa on several beautiful acres.   This facility hosts an indoor and outdoor arena, comfortable roomy stalls and a number of paddocks and outdoor runs.

Horses are turned out daily, weather permitting and the health, safety and well-being of each horse is of the utmost concern to Abbie and her staff at Miller Stables.

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Our Values


Your Horses Health & Well-Being is our Top Priority.

Your horses health and well-being are our top priority because we know that a happy and healthy horse equals a happy and healthy rider. That all begins with proper nutrition, regular exercise (we turn out daily, weather permitting), clean and comfortable stalls and so much more and we are proud to offer that and more!

Clean Facilities Matter

One of our focuses is on keeping the barns, arenas and of course stalls, safe and clean. Our comfortable, roomy stalls are cleaned thoroughly and regularly to keep insects and the illnesses and disease they can carry, to a minimum. Arena's are groomed regularly for even, safe footing when you ride. Stalls and aisles are kept free from clutter, dirt and debris.

Friendly Staff & Customers Make a Difference

We think we have the BEST customers and horses in the world at our facility. There is nothing better for you or your horse than to come spend time with your horse in a friendly, fun environment.
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